Celebrations, weddings and baptisms at Jagdschloss Resort

Live, love and celebrate in the heart of the Tirolean mountains

Weddings, baptisms and family celebrations – any occasion that sees people coming together and celebrating each other or starting into a new stage of life will find a perfect venue in Jagdschloss Resort. It is a quaint location that has been the witness of many important stages of the human experience, and the magnificent mountain panorama bestows a dignified flair to important events.

A white wedding

Winter wedding in Kühtai

The small chapel of Jagdschloss Resort is considered a secret tip for romantic white winter weddings since the times of Leopold V. A white wedding in a white winter wonderland at an altitude of 2,000 metres, with Kühtai’s mountains and summits as a picturesque backdrop, is something very special. Every wedding that is conducted here at Jagdschloss Resort is a joy for us and fills us with pride as the history of the location is enriched by one more chapter of human experience. If you are in the planning stages for your celebrations: our chapel hosts approximately 20 to 25 persons. Imagine a wedding where the bride is not the only one wearing white, but entire high-alpine mountain ranges are covered in a lovely sparkling gown of white snow. From the end of December to the middle of May, Kühtai is wearing white and representing a refined scenery for a unique event. And the romantic flair of the royal Jagdschloss Kühtai provides a very special atmosphere.

Innenansicht Hochzeitskapelle im Jagdschloss Resort Kühtai, Tirol