New at Jagdschloss: steam bath and sauna

Happiness is a contrast effect

Après ski wellbeing: warmth and serenity.
The sauna was built in 2018. Enjoy the steam bath, Finnish sauna and organic hay sauna as well as a big, beautiful relaxation room with a view of the mountains.

Ruheraum in Suanalandschaft im Jagdschloss Resort Kühtai in Tirol

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna has a temperature of about 85°C to 100°C and a lower humidity between 10% and 30%. The contrast programme with heat, cold and rest strengthens the immune system, relaxes muscles and helps to relieve stress. An Aufguss with spices intensifies the effect.

Moderne Sauna im Jagdschloss Resort Kühtai in Tirol

Enspannung in Sauna im Jagdschloss Resort Kühtai in Tirol

Steam bath

Staying in an atmosphere saturated with water steam strengthens your immune system and stimulates your metabolism while being gentle to the circulatory system. With a temperature between 44°C and 55°C and a high humidity with different aromas, this sweat sauna is very beneficial for your respiratory systems.

Organic hay sauna

The organic hay sauna is an organic sauna with a temperature between 45°C and 55°C and features steaming.

Außenansicht Wellnessansicht im Jagdschloss Resort Kühtai in Tirol

The sauna is located in the Elisabeth wing of the Jagdschloss. It is open from 3 pm to 9 pm, and earlier if the weather is bad.
Our sauna area is dedicated to peace and recreation. We ask for your understanding that our guests up to the age of 12 are not allowed here.