The imperial history

In 1280, »Chutay« is mentioned in a document for the first time

At that time, the mountain pasture hut at an altitude of 1,967 m at the end of Sellrain valley was relevant to the manor Petersberg as pilgrim’s refuge and agricultural enterprise. In 1497, hunting rights were granted to Emperor Maximilian I. The Emperor took a great fancy to the »Gejaide zu Kühtai«. In the document, it is literally stated »that His Majesty and no one else shall in such a time in said place hunt chamois«.

The farm becomes a hunting lodge

From 1622 to 1628, Archduke Leopold V. remodelled the farm house to a hunting lodge. He and his wife, Claudia de Medici, ordered to build a road through the rugged and wild terrain of Sellrain valley. The farm house was turned into a regency hunting lodge with feudal furnishings that combine gothic and late gothic elements, modifications that cost at least 10,000 guilders. The nearby chapel was built at the same time, and both buildings are under monumental protection now. In the regency rooms, you can sleep just as soundly as Leopold V. and Claudia de Medici did in the 17th century.

living like Leopold V.

Kühtai becomes a ski resort

The Jagdschloss changed owners a couple of times, until Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Sissi bought the lodge in 1893. They gave it to Valerie, Empress Sissi’s favourite daughter, who then bequeathed it to her daughter Hedwig as a wedding gift when she married Count Stolberg.
This was the beginning of Jagdschloss’ Stolberg era, which lasted until 2016. It was Hedwig who recognized the relevance of ski sports and developed the ski resort Kühtai. Together with Arlberg, Ötztal valley and Kitzbühel, Kühtai was one of the places where ski sports in the Alpine region took its origins.
In those days, Kühtai was the only resort at an altitude of 2,000 metres with accommodations and the opportunity to undertake great skiing tours.

Jagdschloss becomes a hotel

Emperor Franz Josef’s great-grandson Carl Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg revitalized the baronial hunting residence and built the current Hotel Jagdschloss Kühtai – a house full of traditions, where guests from all around the world feel a touch of times they only know from history books.

From 2004 to 2015, Christian Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg was the manager of the Hotel in Kühtai. Always taking the wishes of his guests to his heart, he managed the hotel with a great sense for hospitality while keeping the grown traditions of the old lodge alive.

In 2016, Christian Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg handed the house over to today’s owners, Dr. Martin Baldauf, Wolfgang Sommavilla and Armin Ennemoser. They are dedicated to providing excellent holiday experiences with a special traditional touch, leading the hotel into the next era.