Safe and in a good mood even in Corona times vacations at 2020 meters altitude

Your safety and your very relaxed vacation are very important to us

Therefore we have once again significantly expanded our already comprehensive cleaning and hygiene concept. In addition, special measures are currently being planned with the aim of improving your and our employees’ health. If necessary or on official orders we will adapt the measures and will report here always up-to-date.

Extended hygiene measures
Hand disinfection stations are located at all entrances. Please use them.
Our employees wear, depending on the legal requirements, face masks or protective shields, clean their hands regularly and also use the disinfectants. All employees have their fever measured daily and react immediately if necessary.

Measures in the restaurant
Breakfast and dinner

In the restaurants the guests are accompanied to the table after registration. In the restaurant and the parlours, the distance between tables and seating corresponds to the required distance requirement. The strict hygiene regulations, such as the frequency-dependent cleaning of frequently touched objects and surfaces and the regular ventilation of generally accessible areas are carried out at least once an hour.

For breakfast, you have the choice of eating either in the restaurant, although we must offer two sessions due to space constraints. The first session runs from 07:30 to 09:00 and the second session from 09:00 to 10:30. Please let us know your preferred time upon arrival. If you wish, you can also order an extended continental breakfast to your room (only available at the Hotel Jagdschloss).

In our apartments of the 3-Seenhaus you can still enjoy the proven bread roll service for breakfast. You can also have Fondue Chinoise delivered to your apartment for dinner. Please always inform the reception one day in advance.

At the breakfast buffet all hygiene regulations are of course observed. We have also made some changes there.

Unfortunately we also have to offer dinner in two time slots. The minimum distance between the tables is otherwise unfortunately not possible. You can choose between two times: Either from 18:00 to 20:00 there is the first opportunity and from 20:00 to 22:00 the second opportunity. These times are valid for half board as well as for our à la carte guests. Here too, our guests are asked for their preferred time of arrival.

Short-term requests for à la carte dining can only be considered according to availability. At the buffet you will be offered salads, various breads and cheese in our cheese chamber. Here, too, we strictly follow the regulations. Within the framework of half board you will be served the starter, soup, main course and dessert.

Lunch à la carte and in the Pizzeria Castello

Enjoying by far is also the motto here and we make sure it is. The strict hygiene regulations, such as the frequency-dependent cleaning of frequently touched objects and surfaces, the regular ventilation of generally accessible areas are carried out at least once an hour.

Your room is cleaned and disinfected daily

he rooms are disinfected after each guest change. Frequently touched objects and surfaces such as beds, tables or chairs are thoroughly disinfected daily to prevent possible infections and to kill aeorosols. Door handles, elevators and other regularly used objects are disinfected at least every hour. In all rooms and apartments you will find small disinfection bottles.

Wellness cabins and elevators

Wellness cabins and elevators may only be used simultaneously by persons who also live in the same household.

Distance and hygiene in the entire region

The joint concept of Kühtai Tourism and the mountain railroads is actively supported by us and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Nothing is more important than your and our health and safety. And yet we remain the cordial hosts who will make your vacation a truly wonderful one.

One more request:

The best thing is to take out travel insurance. Our partner insurance expressly includes Covid 19 Erkrangungen.


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