Tatarenhut – Adventure dinner in your apartment

Low-fat grilling at the Tatar hat with raclette function. Enjoy the Tatarenhut at the Jagdschloss Restaurant or in your apartment.

TartarenhutUp to 6 people can take a seat in convivial company. Juicy meat, fish or pieces of vegetables can be attached to the grill hat as desired and do not fall down because of the hooks. The supplied 6 pans can be filled as required and inserted on the designated sides. The all-round enjoyment set for everyone who wants to sit together comfortably. In the wide hat brim, more delicacies stew in the beef soup, while the delicacies on the hat sizzle happily.

We will gladly deliver all the ingredients to your apartment.

In addition to a Tatar hat, you will receive all the ingredients needed for the Tatar hat dinner from us: Meat and fish to cook, homemade sauces, jacket potatoes, raclette cheese, mixed pickles, rustic bread and sherry for the soup. The spicy bouillon, which simmers in the hat rim during the dinner, gets a very special touch from the meat you roast. And after the meal you enjoy this soup, perhaps refined, with a shot of high-proof.

Price per person: € 35

Please order at least one day before your dinner party

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