The sauna and relaxation offer in the Jagdschloss (only open during the winter season)

Finnish sauna

With a temperature of about 85° to 100° C and a low humidity between 10 and 30%. The alternation between heat and cold showers strengthens the immune system, relaxes the muscles and helps to reduce stress.

An infusion with added herbs intensifies the effect.

Steam bath

The steam bath in the Jagdschloss, with its steam-saturated atmosphere, strengthens your immune system and stimulates the metabolism in a very circulation-friendly way. At a temperature of 44° to 55° C and high humidity, with various herbal aromas, this sweat bath is beneficial for your respiratory tract.

Organic sauna

The bio sauna is a gentle and pleasant alternative to the Finnish sauna. The bio-sauna has a beneficial effect on the human circulation. The room temperature is between 50° and 60° C and is beneficial for the skin and respiratory tract, providing pure deep relaxation while strengthening the immune system.

The hunting lodge sauna is located in the Elisabeth wing

Opening hours:

Our sauna areas are open from 15 to 21 o’clock, in bad weather even earlier.

The sauna area is a rest and relaxation area. We ask for your understanding that our younger guests under 16 years of age are not admitted.