New at the Jagdschloss-Resort, 3-Seenhaus: Hydrojet – VELUSJET® Adv Advanced


In the 3-Seenhaus at the Jagdschloss-Resort you now have the opportunity to relax in a special way and treat tension effectively. On the hydrojet massage table, you can experience very effective massages in 15 to 25-minute treatments. With the unique HYDROJET 2-pump technology, two massage jets are controlled separately, allowing you to choose from a variety of massage types! The optimum pre-configured massage for every condition.

How to get your hydrojet massage:

  • You can register using an NFC card, which you will receive at reception
  • You can also select the massage programmes there
  • Place the card on the designated area
  • Lie down on the lounger as intended
  • A short press on the rotary knob starts the point massage
  • The pressure can be changed during the massage
  • A long press ends the programme

Further information on hydrojet massages:

What is a hydrojet massage? A hydrojet massage is a type of water therapy in which a strong jet of water is used to massage muscles and relieve tension. This is done in the 3-Seenhaus in a special massage bed.

The benefits are:

  • Relaxation: Hydrojet massages are known for their relaxing effect on the body and mind.
  • Muscle relief: They can help relieve sore and tense muscles.
  • Improving blood circulation: The water pressure can stimulate blood circulation.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Ideal for guests seeking relaxation or experiencing muscle pain.
  • Not recommended for people with certain medical conditions (such as skin diseases or serious heart problems). It is advisable to speak to a doctor beforehand.

Duration and procedure:

  • The duration of a hydrojet massage can vary. With us, you can choose themed massages lasting between 15 and 25 minutes
  • You lie on a special bed while water jets perform the massage.

Hygiene and safety:

  • Hygiene is particularly important to us. The equipment is regularly cleaned and maintained.
  • Guests should shower before and after the massage.

Rest time after the massage:

It is recommended to allow some time to relax after the massage to enjoy the full effects.

Themed massages for different applications and goals:

Type of massage Duration Price
Full body massage 25 min € 28
Neck and shoulder massage 15 min € 17
Après Ski 20 min € 22
Body, mind and soul 25 min € 28
Back massage 20 min € 22
Bike Cool Down 20 min € 22
After work out time 20 min € 22

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