Our philosophy

Imperial-royal and the 21st century

If the 700-year Habsburg history with royal elegance and aesthetic pine panelling meets the unique design and individual architecture of today, it gets interesting. Because you can always feel good quality, no matter if it was created in the 17th century or in the year 2018.

The lifestyle of 2018 with the flair of 1280

Instead of looking back with nostalgia, we can look ahead to the future with the expansion of Jagdschloss Kühtai. We dynamically combine precious history with the lifestyle of the 21st century. Aesthetically, stylishly and gastronomically. In the middle of the late gothic Jagdschloss ambience, you feel freedom and today’s open spirit.

Experiencing history in the future

The art of combining the present and the past with taste is a challenge that we are committed to and that we care for – with every new hotel room, with every new holiday apartment, with every revitalisation of the old inventory of Jagdschloss Resort. And of course, we venture all of this in close contact with our guests, who discover the Jagdschloss Resort in Kühtai new and individually and help shape it with their stay.

our rooms

A manifestation of our philosophy

The unique Jagdschloss Resort style in Kühtai

Everyone will find their personal favourite room or holiday apartment! Dive into Habsburg’s history or rejoice about the attractive combination of past and present: For guests who want to wake up in the same surroundings as Leopold V. and Claudia de Medici anno 1670, the sovereign rooms “Fürstenzimmer” at Jagdschloss were left in the authentic, late gothic style with pine panelling and furnishings from the old inventory. But for guests who want a modern touch in addition to the Leopoldian flair, we recommend the earl rooms “Grafenzimmer” with gold coloured chandeliers and modern large-scale Habsburg portraits or the individual Sissi rooms underneath the roof.

to the count's room

Refreshingly new – holiday apartments at 3-Seenhaus

If you love new alpine architecture, the 3-Seenhaus is the right accommodation for you. Our innovative wooden house, built completely from spruce and larch, is situated right next to the 3-Seenlift, your access to the Tirolean mountain world. The 3-Seenhaus apartments captivate with spacious room arrangements and creative, surprising solutions that radiate individuality and warmth at the same time.

Apartments 3-Seenhaus

The art of sports at 2,000 m

Hedwig already wished to discover the Tyrolean mountains on skis. Emperor Franz Josef’s granddaughter was the founder of the ski resort – now, snow reliable Kühtai is a secret tip for local skiers and winter sports enthusiasts and one of the most popular ski tour hot spots in the Eastern Alps. And if you spend your evening in the old, panelled parlour “Fürstenstube” at Jagdschloss Kühtai, you can feel that the combination of history and sports is alive.

Winter in Kühtai

Historic walls of Jagdschloss Kühtai tell their stories

We’ve been here since the 13th century,
protecting the high alpine farm and mountain pasture.

We’ve been here since the 15th century,
forming Emperor Maximilian’s hunting lodge.

We’ve been here since the 17th century
as hunting lodge for Archduke Leopold V. and his consort Claudia de Medici.

We were Emperor Franz Josef’s
starting point when he went on his marmot hunt.

We’ve been here since 1917
as Valerie’s wedding gift to Hedwig, the granddaughter of Empress Sissi, who married Count Bernhard zu Stolberg-Stolberg.

We’ve been here since the 50ies
as the home of skiing sports, when Hedwig laid the groundworks for the ski resort Kühtai and converted the Jagdschloss into a hotel.

Today we are the building blocks for a house with a long tradition and exciting history and for a hotel where our guests enjoy great food, wine and music.

Today we are a house where joy and joie de vivre is felt.

Jagdschloss Kühtai