Altitude training in Kühtai

Altitude training in Kühtai- Thin air brings great success! For amateurs and professional athletes

Or to put it another way: you run and bike in Kühtai during your holiday – and climb your own performance peaks at the same time.

Do you know the feeling of being in a hotel, wanting to do endurance sports and the only thing that comes into question is the hotel’s fitness room? The opposite awaits you at our hotel. From the 3-Seenhaus you can start your activities immediately. Bikers, hikers and others with sporting ambitions will find ideal conditions for altitude training. It is not without reason that training at high altitudes has been a fixed component of sportsmen and women for many years, who naturally increase their own performance by increasing the oxygen uptake of the blood.

At 2000 meters above sea level is the hunting lodge resort with the 3-Seenhaus, which is open in summer and thus serves as a base camp for hobby and top athletes. The aim is to use the altitude to this end and to increase performance for the upcoming competition.

It is no coincidence that altitude training centres are being built worldwide at altitudes of 2,000 metres, because it is precisely at these altitudes that the effects on the body are particularly noticeable.

How does a stay at this altitude work in detail?

“If the altitude is not too great, the body adapts to the hypoxia caused by altitude primarily by increased production of red blood cells. This increases the capacity for oxygen absorption and transport.” (source Wiki).

The advantages of altitude training

  • Improvement of the general endurance performance
  • Improvement of regeneration times after physical strain
  • Improvement of the concentration
  • Improvement of the fat metabolism
  • Faster rehabilitation after injuries

Another important aspect that speaks for the implementation of an altitude training is the possible avoidance of the summer heat that is common in our latitudes. This means that the conditions, especially for running training, are simply better.

The combination of training in the valley and active or passive regeneration in the apartment house proves to be ideal in the hunting lodge resort for competitive athletes. For example, cyclists who are preparing for the Tour de France or other competitions already use this possibility. They cycle down into the valley in the morning, enjoy the variety of tours in the valley and, in addition, take advantage of the numerous training opportunities on roads with little traffic and finally cycle the royal stage back to the 3-Lakes House. Also a section of the famous Ötztal Cycle Marathon. We would be happy to provide you with tour suggestions.

Afterwards, regeneration with sauna or solarium is usually on the program. The athletes love to stay in the apartments of the 3-Lakes House either with their families or with other athletes. The apartments have the advantage of spacious kitchens where the meals can be prepared by the athletes themselves. Of course we also like to cater and spoil our guests.

The high altitude performance centre in Kühtai

Kühtai has only 24 inhabitants at 2,020m above sea level near Innsbruck. The picturesque town is known above all for its winter sports expertise as one of the highest ski resorts in Austria.

What training opportunities are there in summer at the Kühtai Training Performance Centre?

  • Football
  • Running
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Beachsoccer
  • Rowing & Canoeing Training

Who has trained in Kühtai, among other things?

  • The most successful Dutch professional racing bike team LottoNL-Jumbo,
  • the Dutch national team around Olympic champion Anna van der Breggen
  • Austria’s time trial champion Georg Preidler
  • Tour of the Alps stage second, New Zealander George Bennett
  • The reigning Vice-World Champion in the individual time trial Primož Roglič
  • Sandrina Illes – Duathlon World Champion
  • Lukas Hollaus – professional triathlete

Please contact us for more information, we are sure we will find the ideal way to increase performance for you. For groups we also offer – on request – arrangements with catering.


These offers fit perfectly to the summer training

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3 summer days in the 3-Seenhaus Kühtai

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A visit to the Höhenleistungszentrum Kühtai

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Summer holidays in the 3-Seenhaus

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