Covered “Wonder Carpet in Kühtai” for children and skiing beginners

The new KühTeppich in Kühtai – Austria’s longest covered WunderTeppich!

From the 2022/2023 winter season, a new covered and thus wind- and weatherproof WunderTeppich will delight young guests and ski beginners in Kühtai.

With a length of 204 metres, the new conveyor is the longest covered WunderTeppich in Austria and replaces the previous baby lift in Kühtai with a simple and, above all, safe ascent aid, which is also suitable for children from the age of 3. In addition to the resulting much wider and longer blue practice slope for children and ski beginners, the connection from the exit of the WunderTeppich to the valley station of the HochAlterbahn and the StartBahn is also new.

There will also be a separate red access run to the GaisKogelBahn so that all skiers coming from the HochAlterBahn can still reach the GaisKogelBahn valley station directly via slopes no. 2 and no. 3. What is new, however, is that skiers can now ski the Kühtai circuit in both directions, as the new WunderTeppich will now also make it possible to get from the GaisKogelBahn valley station to the HochAlterBahn valley station.

Key data for the new KühTeppich (WunderTeppich)

  • Length 204 m
  • Height difference 24 m
  • Transport capacity 1.2 metres/second / 1,800 persons/hour

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