Jagdschloss Resort Kühtai recommends hotel cancellation insurance from Europäische Reiseversicherung AG

Hotel Cancellation Insurance Plus or Premium

In order to save you trouble and costs, we recommend the hotel cancellation insurance policies of the Europäische Reiseversicherung AG for your safety during your holiday in Kühtai. You can take out this insurance when you book online on this website or within 5 days of receiving the booking confirmation.

In addition to the insurance of a chargeable, sickness-related cancellation before the start of your holiday, you also take your “personal guardian angel” with you, because something can always happen, especially on holiday. In contrast to many credit cards, the Europäische Reiseversicherung in the Hotelstorno Premium also pays for a mountain rescue including helicopter rescue up to 7,500 € and also reimburses the costs in case of early return home, late arrival or involuntary holiday extension. The included accident package also covers 100% of the costs of, for example, ambulance transport in the event of leisure accidents.

You can choose between two types of insurance:

Hotel cancellation plus
The insurance covers unexpected serious illness or injury to the insured or a member of his or her family. But also pregnancy (if this was discovered after booking the trip), but also loss of job through no fault of your own and other important reasons why you cannot take your holiday.

Hotel Cancellation Premium
This variant insures 21 additional reasons for trip cancellation/break off, such as serious illness of the deputy at work, failure of a pupil to progress to the next school level on class trips and much more.

Here you can take out this insurance quickly and easily online:

To the Hotel Cancellation insurance for vacations


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